About Brooke Jean, MA, LPC


Brooke Jean, MA, LPC is a Licensed Therapist, Coach, Speaker and Force of YES with a mission to normalize normal. She believes that life isn’t perfect, but it can be unperfected and using a blend of energy work, counseling, coaching & facilitation, she guides her audience to let go of who they think they are, in order to create the life they’ve been waiting for.

Having lived through two major life crisis’ which became spiritual awakenings; opportunities for her to shed the shoulds and release what no longer lights her up or serves her, she discovered her own inner light saying yes to her purpose and no to all things holding her back, Brooke feels called to guide women through their transformations. 

She has a unique way of helping women seek below the surface to acknowledge what is really up for them during times of change to ultimately support them in healing, becoming who they authentically are and unapologetically claiming their power and space in the world.

She is creating a signature coaching program to guide women home to their selves, soul and spirit and is trained in Brainspotting, a cutting edge healing modality that releases blocks held in the brain and body while expanding their awareness, ability to regulate and reach their potential.

She is a blogger and vlogger and has been featured in Scary Mommy, The Elephant Journal and The Mindful Mamas.

She believes in the power of sisterhood and has created an online Facebook community called “Mommy’s Mental Health Matters” and has designed online courses to be able to help more women such as “Kick Mom Guilt to the Curb and “Tame Your Anxiety”

She hosted an online summit called “Moms Living a Life they Love:  How to have a Fulfilling Family and Career” which brought CEO bad ass working Moms together to talk about how have both while tending to mental health.

For fun, she loves to laugh, dance, sing and be in nature with the people she loves.  What brings her the most JOY is witnessing people come home to their true selves, souls and spirits which she believes is needed now more than ever collectively.

Begin your TRANSFORMATION and journey home today!