About Brooke Jean, MA, LPC


As a Denver, CO based Counselor & Coach, my personal mission is to inspire and empower women to break through barriers and create the lives they have always wanted and deserve, and being a Mom myself, my passion for my mission has just exploded.

Ever since early childhood my gift was helping people, whether it was by making them laugh, performing for them, listening to them or providing what I thought was sage advice (HA!) It wasn’t until I became a single mother in college, had ten years of corporate leadership experience and survived some serious life hardships that I knew in what capacity.

We need more support, gals.

Being a woman, a working woman and a mama are HARD, my friends!  And when you combine all three, get outta here.  The struggle to find balance is real and if you are bogged down by unrealistic self-imposed expectations, perfectionism, guilt, depression, anxiety, loss of self, and all that stuff, let me tell you, you are not alone.  And yet, there IS something you can do to reclaim your mental wellbeing, live more intentionally and feel better.

That is why there are three types of services offered in my Denver Metro based business to support women in all that they do.

As a Counselor, I will guide you through your transition to include any grief work and healing that needs to take place, to carefully craft the life you want and to address barriers getting in your way.  You will have a safe space to process all the change you are going through and what feelings are coming up.  Do you have a brain that is constantly worrying you or doubting your abilities?  Or perhaps you have debilitating anxiety or perfectionism that prevents you from trying things.  Whatever is coming up, lets face it head on, give you some tools and get busy becoming this new and evolved you.

As a national Coach, we will work together to set clear goals on whatever it is you are trying to accomplish in your life.  Whether it be kicking Mom guilt to the CURB, launching a business, getting a promotion at work, becoming an inspiring leader, or finding love, I will become your supportive accountability partner who always sees your potential and pushes you towards it.  Our work may include connecting to values, learning to manifest and meditate, and putting yourself in situations that help you grow.  This process will give you what you need to create a meaningful, purposeful, and passionate life.  My coaching style is to be honest, compassionate and fun.  You will be challenged!!!  If you are ready to get real, be honest with yourself, and take action to make things happen in your life, I am the perfect coach for YOU!

As a consultant, I support women owned and led businesses in creating a team culture that emphasizes healthy emotional wellbeing in order to maximize results.  I have created programs to help attract the best talent, to ensure the team reaches their potential, and create a culture where folks can thrive, feel connected, and be mentally well.

I can also customize programs for your team based on your specific needs.

Being able to offer all of these services allows me to honor all parts of myself and all of my experiences in order to best serve the community I live in and appreciate so much.  I just LOVE what I do, I love the diversity of it, and I get real jazzed about seeing folks make positive changes in their lives that last forever and are real game-changers!

Call me to begin your journey today!