You have made it to the right place, girl!

BJCC’s Mission:

To inspire and empower women to TRANSFORM in times of TRANSITION. To leverage the uncertainly of being in a love, life or career transition to ultimately BECOME their most authentic, powerful and intentional selves.  To guide them to break through barriers to create the lives they want and so deserve. 

Transition is an alchemic process where we come undone to rebuild in meaningful ways.  Where we get clear on who we are and what we want out of our lives, while also being present and enjoying whats right in front of us in this very moment.  It’s a messy, beautiful and magical process that can completely transform your life.

Whether you are soul searching who you are, what your purpose is, becoming a mama, or getting divorced – lets use these life-changing events to heal, become and thrive.  To get you on the course you are meant to be on and to feeling more alive than ever!

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