Going through or contemplating a divorce?

Often times it can be nearly impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Living through a major life transition can be one of the toughest things you have ever experienced.

Perhaps you are undecided but really unhappy in your relationship.  You are not sure what to do but you can’t imagine continuing to live this way.

Or maybe you know what you want, but you are afraid what it will mean when you pull the trigger.  How will you tell the kids and how will divorce impact them?  What will your friends and family think and how will you be financially secure?

We can explore all the feelings, fears, and uncertainties that are arising during this difficult time.

And, if divorce happens, having a space to talk and feel about, heal from it, and intentionally begin crafting the new and evolved you post this relationship can make a huge impact.

Being so focused on what’s next, we often gloss over what was.

This process is all about slowing things down, rather than rushing into the next thing.

By grieving what was, we make ourselves more open and ready to fully embark upon what’s next.  Regardless of the nature of the relationship, losing it is a life loss and can feel heavy and devastating.  Therapeutically, acknowledging what was before moving onto what’s next makes space for real healing, rather than band-aiding.

And its more than a loss of the marriage, its a loss of the ideal you had in your head of what your marriage, family and future would be.  It might be a loss of who you thought you were leaving you feeling uncertain in your own identity.  These types of loses tend to shake us to our core.

BUT…sometimes we have to become completely undone to begin building from scratch which allows us the opportunity to get really clear on WHO we are becoming and HOW we want to live the rest of our lives.

Using mindfulness techniques, I can support you in this transformative process, ultimately enabling you to receive what’s next in a healthy and loving way.  I will also provide coping skills to manage any anxiety or fear you may be experiencing during your transition.  Through this process, you may reconnect with inner strengths such as resilience and acceptance while also deciding what you would like to release that is no longer serving you well.

I believe the universe has a way of taking care of us when we need it, but I also understand that slowing down during this time can be a daunting task.  The benefit is to take the time to listen to your mind and body and rediscover your inner wisdom and truth.  This is a great opportunity to practice meditation to let your truth emerge organically.

In essence, from this really tough time, you may rise stronger than ever imagined, and I hope to be part of your alchemy.

Let’s talk about your divorce and see what you need!

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