Here are what some clients have said about working with me in all of the arenas:


"Brooke employs a very holistic approach through mindfulness and one that really makes you think about the issues at hand.  She provides multiple coping mechanisms and various ways to approach situations which is very helpful.  My goals in my time with her have been to understand how situations and experiences in my past have shaped me and how to break tendencies that have not yet yielded fruitful and reciprocal relationships.  It has been through my time with her that she has helped me to break destructive cycles, become a better communicator, become more thoughtful to people around me, and to be vulnerable.  I am forever grateful for the time I have been in treatment and look forward to seeing her every week." - Anonymous client


"The process of finding a new therapist can be isolating, especially during the times when you need to speak with someone the most. I had met with a few counselors and after many failed attempts with other professionals, I was recommended to Brooke. Right away, I could tell something was different about her! Brooke is genuine and has been a tremendous help in guiding me through my anxiety and providing clarity. She offers new perspective and empathy, but most importantly, she discusses solutions. After working with Brooke, I feel empowered and I am very grateful to have connected with her!" - Anonymous client


"Brooke is such a fabulous individual and is great at what she does. She listens deeply to you and provides solutions that work for you. I can't recommend her enough!" - Anonymous client


"Brooke has been an amazing guide in leading me to re-connect with my values and learn how to live a life more aligned with what means the most to me. She is helping me in the midst of a career change, to not only discover exactly what will bring me life, but also how to handle my fears in a healthy and effective way. She is extremely kind and knowledgeable, but also holds me accountable in my growth. I highly recommend her!" - Anonymous client


"Brooke is truly an outstanding professional. She is warm and compassionate and incredibly perceptive. She has the ability to zero in on the core issues underlying whatever issue is being discussed. I started working with Brooke to overcome some anxiety issues and in just a short time, I already feel like I've come a long way. She gives me the tools I need to overcome various obstacles and allow me to be more present and calm. She is also nonjudgmental and has a great sense of humor!" - Anonymous client


"Working with Brooke Jean has created an immense amount of movement in my career! She has been wonderful at helping me figure out a balance of motivation, structure, and patience. During our time working together, I have been able to quickly develop the trust in her coaching and the process necessary to really push myself out of my comfort zone in order to achieve great results professionally.
Brooke Jean is warm, genuine and invested in her clients reaching the goals they create for their lives!" - Anonymous client


"Brooke of Brooke Jean Coaching and Counseling is the no bulls**t coach you have been looking for. Our small company needed an honest, outside opinion and Brooke delivered. She helped push us out of our comfort zones in the areas needed for the next level of growth. I highly recommend Brooke for any organization looking for professional guidance." - Anonymous Client


"My business partner and I hired Brooke when we hit a plateau in our company. We had done all we knew how to do and we needed some outside help to continue to grow. Brooke isn't just a business coach, she helped us work through growing pains while keeping the company moving forward. Polished. wouldn't be where it is today without the help of Brooke Jean Coaching!" - Anonymous Client


"What I love about working with Brooke Jean is....As a small business owner it is so nice to have someone to goal set with, hold you accountable, help you define "opportunities" and problem solve them with a smart, savvy, knowledgeable coach. I have had sales and culture training with my staff to help them see my businesses mission, goals, and vision moving forward and Brooke is someone everyone relates to which helps with sales, motivation and buy in my team." Anonymous Client


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