Support for Mamas


Support for Mamas

Are you a mama who is feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, exhausted, like you’re failing at everything, and guilty that you’re not blissfully happy? MAMA, YOU NEED SUPPORT!

There is nothing more beautiful and significant than what mamas bring to the human existence. Being the ones who carry, deliver, nurse (if we can and/or chose to), nurture, teach, love and support the littles, its so common for our needs to go by the wayside.

And yet, our wellbeing is instrumental in our ability to do what we do best, care for others.

There are many psychological factors that impact our ability to feel good, take care of ourselves, and live in harmony such as the trauma of having the baby triggering other unresolved traumas, grief triggering older, unresolved grief, body and hormonal changes, exhaustion triggering mental health issues, self-doubt, relationship issues and SO MUCH MORE.

If you are a Mom struggling to balance it all, please reach out. Making yourself a priority is not selfish, its necessary. Having a professional to talk to about the struggles, to problem solve with, to heal from and to engage in specific therapies that treat postpartum issues who has also been though it can be tremendously helpful.

Having a Mom-tribe is a must for community and support. Please feel free to request to join my private online Facebook group “Mommys Mental Health Matters

for connection, guidance, laughter and more!

Some of my professional expertise includes supporting working moms who want both family and professional success. I myself have found a way to raise a 14 year old and a 9 month old while growing a business I am truly passionate about. It’s not perfect, but I live in alignment with what I value most and feel grateful that all parts of ME are expressed each day. You, too, can have both!

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