Storms Help Trees Strengthen Their Roots

From the beginning of this quarantine, lots and lots of stuff has been emerging, rising, and resurfacing for me, and after talking with loved ones, friends, clients, and guides, I am realizing this is not just an individual experience.

It is a collective experience.

An awakening.

Im just gonna say it, an opportunity. 

Whether you are raising your arm in the air whilst yelling “Heck yes, it is!!” or begrudgingly cursing my name under your breathe with yet again another wonky personal development suggestion, either is an indicator that the call is happening inside of you as well.

In other words, whether you resist the notion that we are collectively in an awakening or are already on board, you are being nudged to do the work.

What is the work you ask?

Well, that depends my friends.  

I am finding that the work entails deeper healing, gaining increased awareness, letting go of what is no longer serving you in a healthy way, gaining clarity on who you are authentically, or rising to the call of your soul’s calling.

It is all about awakening our consciousness collectively.

So I ask, what can you do with this pause?  What can you release to make space for whats rising in you?  How can you plant and strengthen your roots to build a solid foundation for your future self to exist on, wholeheartedly?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to discover just that.

Set aside some uninterrupted quiet time and space to sit with these questions, journal what comes up, meditate or pray on it, and allow the information and feelings to find their way to you and through you.

  1. What has felt energy draining lately?
  2. What makes you feel yucky when you do it?  (Hint:  Boundary Violation!)
  3. What do you say YES to that later you regret (Hello resentment, my old friend!)
  4. What causes you the most guilt?
  5. Who would you like to cut cords with – forgive, stop thinking about, worrying about, being tied to energetically?
  6. What overwhelmed you?  Think people, commitments, items/ clutter, unhelpful ways of being/ doing
  7. Ask your intuition in meditation, through journaling, and in stillness what you need to let go of in order to make space for whats rising in you?

Whatever came forward when asking yourself these questions is ready and willing to be acknowledged, released, and let go.  Now for the fun part, what are you making space for?

Take care of yourselves and therefore each other.

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