Reach Your Potential

“The process of reaching your potential is intentionally showing up energetically in the world, knowing your gifts/ gems, owning your story, courageously telling your truth, and sharing all that love, light and wisdom with the world.”

– ME, Brooke Jean

Are you living the life of your dreams?  Are you ready to reach your potential and live in alignment with your core values?  Are you living in harmony with others and feeling deeply connected and supported along the way?  Are you able to own your story, speak your truth and shine bright in the world? Are you living your purpose with passion?  Whether you are inspired to create personal of professional change, having a coach can help you get there.

By balancing the depth and wisdom of Jungian Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, and Spirituality with Core Energy Coaching, clients can create new and meaningful outcomes while addressing the psychological obstacles getting in their way.  I believe we are the way we are for good reason and it didn’t develop overnight, so we’ll dig deep to understand the thoughts, feelings, patterns, and actions you are experiencing.

My philosophy is to coach from the inside out, meaning getting clear on the “who” before working on the “what.”  Throughout our lives we are influenced both consciously and subconsciously to do this or become that, and our work will begin with shedding those layers of other’s expectations and beliefs to get clear on your own.   I believe in the benefit of some soul searching to build the foundation for your growth and who you are becoming.  We’ll discuss purpose, meaning and do some work re-connecting you to your values.  We’ll look at your interests and passions and work toward integrating them into your professional lives?

Once you have your values prioritized, we’ll do some work to find your signature strengths and blindspots.  Developing a personal or professional identity and presence that is congruent with your values can help you live out your purpose.  We’ll address your inner critic and self-talk exploring it’s voice and impact as well as any other gremlins that are preventing you from reaching your potential.

Having support is essential in your quest toward creating a life filled with meaning and purpose so the next key is around developing what I call “your tribe.”  This piece is all about relationships – but a deep dive to include exploration of family, romantic relationships, mentors, being a great leader and steward in the community, just to name a few.  If you are in a leadership role, we will spend time talking about your people, how to assess and manage talent, build a bench, and inspire a team to deliver consistent results.  We’ll develop a plan to build a healthy team culture improving employee engagement and retention.  If your business is growing and changing, we’ll work on helping your team through the transition and much more.

The next key will focus on process, operations, organization, and managing your self as well as your time.  We’ll look closely at your patterns, your productivity, and create routines that are strategic and enable you to be efficient.  Without over-analyzing, having goals, a plan, and lists can help you settle into the present and be 100% engaged in all that you do.  Mindfulness techniques will be integrated into this portion of coaching and we’ll ensure all your goals, and actions are in alignment with your values.

Finally, tying all that you have learned and experienced unlocking the keys together, you will visualize where you want to go.  Using guided imagery, vision boards, and goal planning, we’ll put who you want to be, where you want to be, and what your authentic potential is into action.  You’ll learn how to tap into your core energy to create a life of abundance.

This is simply a snapshot of the process – we’ll do as much or as little as needed and we’ll effectively work through everything that surfaces during the process.  I would be honored to join you on your journey to becoming the very best and healthy version of yourself.

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