Putting the Mindfulness into March

Mindfulness in March

Friends, March 2020 came in LIKE A FREAKING HURRICANE. The whole world feels turned upside down and I know many of us are deep in our feelings about the impact of COVID 19 and all of the subsequent closures. It’s scary and it can be a lot.

In my recent VLOG, I shared ways to use Mindfulness as a tool during times such as this, times of extreme uncertainty. Recognizing and creating space for the fear and anxiety at the moment is necessary, but so is also making a point to look for the good in every single day.

Here are some simple tips for helping all of us find the good in each day. These are tips to help us all stay well in our mind and body. I hope you all enjoy slowing down, pausing, and considering these tips for Mindfulness.

  1. Pause and take 3 deep belly breaths.
  2. Notice the clouds moving in the sky.
  3. Pause and notice 5 things you see, smell, hear, taste and feel.
  4. Take a walk with a smile on your face.
  5. Take mini-pauses and breathe when transitioning from one thing to the next.
  6. Set a timer on your phone to remind yourself to check in on your thoughts, feelings and body sensations.
  7. Meditate – I love the Calm app!
  8. When eating or drinking something, pause and notice the smell, texture, and taste. Slow the process down.
  9. Remind yourself, you are enough.  Say to yourself, I am enough.
  10. When you find yourself worrying about the future, just notice you are doing it and gently bring your awareness back to the present moment by focusing on your breath.
  11. Listen to your favorite music, dance and notice how that feels in your body.
  12. Write out a daily mantra or intention and check in on it throughout the day.

Mindfulness is the state of being completely present, meeting your thoughts, feelings and body sensations with curiosity and acceptance- and without judgment.  It is a state of being and a healthy way to regulate, connect, heal, and grow. I wish you all love, acceptance, and patience with yourself. May you have a #MindfulMarch.


Brooke Jean

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