Business Coaching


Business Coaching for the WIN!

Often when working with professionals, I find they are ah-mazing at their craft, but underestimated the time, energy and efforts required to get their business off the ground and to a place where it is profitable.

My favorite quote to these folks, which reminds me of what my Dad used to say to me, is, “You know, clients don’t grow on trees!”

To help entrepreneurs kick-start success, I have created a bundle that includes twelve 1:1 business coaching sessions. Each session/ couple of sessions has a theme to cover in your business and you’ll have homework in between each session. One of the greatest benefits of having a coach is the accountability factor and to address whats getting in the way (mindset) of achieving your goals as those gremlins (uh, shut up fear!) pop up.

The outline includes, but is not limited to:

Topic 1:

  • Go over Personal Enrollment Form – set clear and tangible goals with timeline and check in points
  • Current practice/ business assessment – financials, workflow, marketing efforts, services offered, clientele, identify whats working and where the gaps are etc.
  • Current professional identify and niche
  • What are your gremlins (things that will get in your way!)

Topic 2:

  • Brainstorm Exercise: Purpose, Passion, Mission and Vision – look what you want to be doing, who you want to be serving, what you want your professional identity and niche to be
  • Get clear on your WHY
  • Values Discussion
  • Having an abundant outlook
  • Check in and problem solve gremlins

Topic 3:

  • Update services and any products – look at ways to make passive income that are in alignment with your goals, identity and values
  • Check in on how you a managing your gremlins
  • Define pricing for services and products, who will benefit most from them to prep for:

Topic 4:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing Startegies
  • SEO
  • Writing/ Vlogs
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Lists
  • Hopefully those gremlins are a lot more quiet

Session 5:

  • Sales Training – serve vs sell
  • Content writing
  • Believing in your success and offerings
  • Healthy Habits – proactive gremlin management

Session 6:

  • Building strategic relationships
  • Networking
  • Industry Involvement
  • Where do you go from here?

I’m here for you and I want to hear from you! Tell me ALL about your biz:

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