My Reflections on 2016…

Many people have felt that 2016 was a really tough year. I can affirm that I certainly felt a great deal of grief and fear along with the rest of you. I sense lots of loss and worry about the future. But for me personally, I tend to see things a tad bit differently. I believe that chaos precedes change and a shift. I know that when people are emotionally invested, action happens. So I see this as the necessary rumble before real movement occurs. And what we need right now is a movement toward coming together for the greater good, on helping one another and on making conscious choices that are mindful of the future.

This is not to minimize people’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

It’s simply my take on things.

You see, for me, 2016 was a year of demonstrating courage and taking bold risks. Of deep reflection and altering of ways of being. I launched my private practice exactly one yer ago and really put myself out there, as a helper in the universe. I changed patterns and learned the real powers of meditation and manifestation. I learned to ask for what I want, believe I deserve it, and took action day after day.

My business is thriving and the goals I have for myself in 2017 are blowing my mind!

My partner has gained professional clarity, grown as an individual, and shown me unconditional support which has strengthened our bond immensely. My son…well what can I say? He’s crushing life (feedback he gave me on the way to school one morning recently!) He has flourished this past year and is just a good human being who loves to laugh and play music, just like his mom. It’s as though we all have a better sense of WHO we are both individually as well as collectively. This solid foundation enables and holds me through the crazy ups and downs that life tends to offer.
It’s been a journey to heal, find myself, and become more grounded than I have ever been. I can forgive myself of things I have done along the way.

I finally know exactly what blocks me from being the very best me and achieving greatness and am committed to releasing those parts that are no longer serving me. Goodbye guilt, shame, insecurity and fear….thanks for trying to keep me safe, but you are now just getting in my way! I am letting go of the belief that it’s impossible to be an amazing wife and mama, and wildly successful while engaging in a vibrant personal life. I have already proven otherwise and need to remind my brain of those facts.

This release clears space, declutters my mind, and makes room for new and meaningful opportunities in 2017.

So, whether 2016 was a tough year, or a magical one, we all move forward together in 2017. For those of us that feel down, reach out to others for a hand of support. And for those of us feeling strong enough to help, scoop someone up, reminding them of their worth. Have faith in humanity. Become part of the solution. Tend to your own wellness and inner peace. Influence those under your own roof watching the magnificent ripple effect on others around you.

And use your voice to help us all shift more towards love and intention.

Thank you all for your support in 2016 – you have no idea what it means to me.

I am grateful beyond words.

Take care of yourselves and therefore each other.


Brooke Jean, MA

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