Mommy’s Mental Health Matters, Series Expert: Terra LaRock

Join Brooke Jean with Brooke Jean Counseling and Coaching on her journey to exploring, sharing, and supporting all things for Mommy’s Mental Health!

In this monthly interview series, Brooke talks with other experts who are also passionate about and working to support mental health and the pressure on mothers. The first expert is Terra LaRock, CEO, and founder of The Mindful Mamas and creator of the Mindful Mama’s app.

Join Brooke and Terra as they discuss all things mindfulness, including working through anxiety, how to make a Holy shift!, and how to integrate mindfulness as a successful habit- all in this quick 30-minute series expert interview. 

If you’re a mama looking for a little support and inspiration, join #BJCC’s Mommy’s Mental Health Matters group on Facebook.

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