The Power of Positive Thinking in Achieving Goals

Be inspired by Eva’s vision to become an author and how she leveraged the power of positive thinking in achieving goals, and oh so much more!

In my summit, Moms Living a Life they Love, I interviewed several brilliant, power-house business women who are also Moms on how they overcome barriers to have both, a successful career and flourishing family.

Eva Pohler retired from a twenty-year position teaching writing and literature at a university in San Antonio, where she lives with her husband and three kids. Now a full-time writer, she’s the Amazon bestselling author of  eighteen novels, including The Mystery Book Collection and three series for young adults: The Gatekeeper’s Saga, The Purgatorium Series, and The Vampires of Athens. Her books have been described as “thrilling” and “addictive.” A Kirkus reviewer said of The Gatekeeper’s Sons that it was “sure to thrill Hunger Games fans”.

In my interview with her she shares:

  • Take your big long-term plan and break it down into manageable goals
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Work when you can and when you’re in your flow of genius

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