Interview with Holly Scott – Publisher of Colorado Homes & Lifestyles and Mountain Living

This Mom is a friend of mine who I have been inspired by in our community for several years.  Holly Scott sets the bar for living the life she wanted and created.  Somehow she makes being the VP of Wiesner Media, the Group Publisher of two very popular local magazines Mountain Living and Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, a very involved Mom of two boys and wife look not only fun but easyC

She has over 20 years of experience in the publishing and media industry. During her 15 years at Network Communications and WiesnerMedia, Inc., she elevated the company’s Home Design brands through increased sales revenues, product development, operations, mentorship, training, senior management, and marketing development.

In 2011, she authored “Sales University,” a weekly sales training program she developed and conducted for the company. In addition, she has hosted a Women’s Retreat to coach young women professionals about building confidence and creating work-life balance.

In my interview with her she shares:

  • Self-Care is #1 in her life and how that helps her
  • There really are NO EMERGENCIES
  • Her art of balance and time management
  • How to give yourself permission

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