How to Help your Kids with Pain Addressing Pain, Fear and Focus.

Learn how this working Mom can help your kids with pain, while also inspiring you to get that business idea off the ground.

In my summit, Moms Living a Life they Love, I interviewed several brilliant, power-house business women who are also Moms on how they overcome barriers to have both, a successful career and flourishing family.

Want to go BIG with your career and family dreams?   Starting her career in medicine while growing her family at the same time, Dr. Amy Baxter is a mother of three teenage kids, a full time entrepreneur and a previous emergency pediatrician and pain researcher.

She has been recognized for her visionary entrepreneurship following her invention of MMJ Lab’s core products: Buzzy® Needle Pain Relief and VibraCool™ Massaging Ice Therapy. Her multiple awards include Forbes Healthcare Technology Disruptors to Watch, MDDI Top 10 Innovative and Disruptive Women in Healthcare, Most Innovative CEO from Georgia’s Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), “Idea Person” by the Wall Street Journal, and Inc. Magazine’s Top Woman in Tech to Watch.

In my interview with her she shares:

  • Generous maternity leaves make people much more productive – give your brain something else to think about!
  • Cut stuff OUT to make room for what’s most important.
  • Don’t forget to honor WHO you are.
  • How to help your kids with pain addressing pain, fear and focus.
  • It’s not the quantity of moments, but the QUALITY of them that make memories….

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