How to Advocate for Yourself on the Job to have Work/ Life Balance.

How to advocate for yourself on the job to have work/ life balance- An Interview with Beth Feldman – Founder of the Role Mommy Blog and Co-Founder of Beyond PR Group.

In my summit, Moms Living a Life they Love, I interviewed several brilliant, power-house business women who are also Moms on how they overcome barriers to have both, a successful career and flourishing family.

This down-to-earth and brave working mama thought outside of the box and had the courage to ask for what she needed to have both family and a big career.  Beth Feldman experienced great success working for CBS before launching her own entrepreneurial endeavors.  Using the gifts she already had, she launched two successful companies/brands.

She is the co-founder of Beyond PR Group, a a full-service public relations consulting firm founded by leading experts in the parenting, consumer, lifestyle and entertainment PR industry. She is also the founder of RoleMommy, a parenting blog network, online community and events company dedicated to inspiring, entertaining empowering today’s busy parents to pursue their passion while raising a family. 

As a nationally recognized parenting expert, Feldman is frequently interviewed by national and regional news media on career re-invention, social media, parenting tweens and work-life balance. She has appeared on broadcast news programs such as “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” Better TV, ABC News Now, Fox News Channel, “Inside Edition,” WCBS-TV and CW-11 Morning News and has been quoted as an expert resource by national news sources such as Associated Press and The New York Times. Feldman is the co-author of Peeing in Peace: Tales & Tips for Type A Moms (Sourcebooks) and is the author and editor of the humor anthology See Mom Run – Sidesplitting Essays from the World’s Most Harried Moms (Plain White Press). 

In my interview with her she shares:

  • How essential is it to advocate for yourself to get what you want.
  • Be daring, courageous, and creative!
  • Use skills and connections YOU ALREADY HAVE.
  • Tips on how to start blogging.
  • Values – let them steer and guide you….

Go to Beth’s blog Role Mommy for some hilarious and helpful stuff!

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