Everybody Has a Comeback Story 2

As I sat in my own workshop last week it dawned on me. I have been lucky enough to attract, hear about, learn from, be a part of and write my own COMEBACK STORY. As most of you know, I am a counselor and coach who specializes in life, love and career transition, but I am also a BADASS who has had to be resilient many times in my life. From recovering from an eating disorder, to surviving a horrible car accident, to becoming a Mommy in college and losing a very special Target team member of mine in the Aurora theatre shootings, as well as my high-paying security blanket of a career, I have learned that things actually never have gone as planned.

Just when I thought things were under control, the ground would come out from under me.

Just when I believed I had everyone fooled, my secrets came forward and I was forced to deal with them.

Just when I grew comfortable in who I was, life events made me question everything down to my core.

On and on we go….

And yet in my darkest night, in my deepest sadness, in my most vulnerable reflection of myself I have reconnected to my super power: RESILIENCE.

In the last couple of weeks alone I have had many people share with me that they couldn’t help but tell me their story (not just clients folks!) and I started to ponder why that is. Does my openness about my struggles open doors for others? Do I appear approachable? Is it because of my title of counselor and coach? Are these stories ready to BE HEARD? I am not sure, but I feel honored and lucky to be a real-talk story magnet.

I am astounded at how many people are suffering underneath their persona (ones they are exhausted from keeping up because society says they should). Everyone I come into contact with has been through some real stuff including my family, friends, neighbors, and clients. Who at this point hasn’t experienced loss, trauma, abuse, guilt, shame, or a change so big your world turned upside down?

So much happens when we are in transition, and now I can’t help but notice the power and hidden wisdom in the rebuilding process.

So, I ask you…what is your comeback story? When has life completely thrown you down and how did you get back up? What inner strength did you call on to be your guide? What outer faith held the way? Who have you become coming out of that time in your life?

We often focus too much on what’s next. We plan and find security in our over-analyzation of life events. But where does that get us?

The beauty is in the journey, not the outcome. We cannot determine and plan for what’s to come. But we can get busy identifying the gems inside of us that remind us we’ll always be okay. We have what it takes.

If you wish, take a moment to write out or just think on your highest and lowest points of your life. Begin to recall how you made it through them. Look for patterns in your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. How did you get through? Who helped you? What served you during that time? You can begin to see some of the inner gems from each experience all lined up to form a beautiful formation that is you, your resilience and your comeback story.

Honor what you have been through and the resilient warrior that keeps moving forward. Be forgiving and accepting of how and what you have done to survive. Normalize your thoughts and feelings, and most important, share your story!

I believe that what we learn about ourselves in our comeback story is our superpower which then needs to be shared with the world. You are special and have a unique life experience that makes you the perfect vessel to provide relief for other’s who are suffering. Shame diminishes the moment we share our stories and no longer feel isolated in our experiences.

I would love to hear your comeback stories, please do share them.

My wish is that you remain connected to your resilience and superpowers.

May you shine bright knowing just how amazing you are.


Brooke Jean

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