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May –  Mental Decluttering and Renewal Special

Are you ready for a Spring awakening?

I LOVE Spring  the smells, the feels, getting outside and DECLUTTERING all. the. things.

Perhaps you use this time for Spring cleaning.  You might be removing the dead in your yard, making room for the new to emerge through the soil.  Or, perhaps you go through all the closets, cabinets and drawers to rid yourself of all that you no longer use.  You might clean out the garage, the attic, the kids play room.  All good stuff, no doubt.

One thing I know for sure, is that you can focus all month long on removing things externally to make space, meaning outside of yourself, BUT when you START with your mind, every area of your life can reap the benefits.

Imagine your mind being just like your garden.  Once you remove the weeds, the beautiful flowers will grow and thrive.  

When you apply specific skills to reduce thoughts (weeds) that are no longer helping you live your best life, when you rewire your brain to see the good more naturally, when you learn healthy coping strategies to cope with stress and anxiety, you make space in your mind for CREATIVITY, SOLUTIONS, and ACTION that is healthy and constructive.

So…if you are ready for mental decluttering and renewal, this May special is for you.

Who would MOST benefit from this package?

  • Individuals struggling with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, negative thinking, negative self talk, negative body image
  • Folks experiencing intrusive thoughts that are getting in their way of trusting, living, and being their best selves
  • Business professionals and owners who feel stuck but want more out of their careers
  • Moms who are struggling to balance everything
  • Folks who know that just pushing forward is no longer working, something deeper within themselves needs tending to

What does the package include?

  • Five 50-minute private coaching sessions with me – either via phone, Zoom or in person if you can
  • In session we will identify your mental clutter (anxiety, stress, insecurity, lost trust, poor self and body image, etc.) and then develop strategies to overcome them
  • You will learn and apply REAL tools to help you manage your mind that you can use for a lifetime, trust me, these are game changers 
  • Engage in a 90 day neurologically focused activity to help you reduce “worst case scenario” thinking and start seeing opportunities everywhere with a follow up call with me once you are done
  • Develop a plan for maintaining a healthy mind going forward

Clients who immerse themselves into this process gain awareness and insight into why they are the way they are which is the birthplace of all meaningful change.  They report less stress, anxiety, negative self talk and unpleasant feelings, while also knowing they have the skills to cope when these things do show up.  They build a stronger sense of self, more self-compassion and acceptance.  They get clear on what matters and now have the mental space to access ideas, opportunities, and they take real action in their lives.

They are no longer prisoners of their own minds!!!

Sound like just the thing you need? Click here to schedule a quick, free call!

Your thoughts create your feelings, which you then take action from.

The formula is simple: 

Negative thought >
Release of Cortisol >
Negative Feeling >
Action being taken from the low vibe negative place.

Our sessions will help you leverage mindfulness to de-weed your thoughts and more easily have

Positive thought >
Release of Serotonin >
Positive Feeling >
Action being taken from a high vibe place.

Click here to learn more about me and to read what some folks have said about working with me.

This 50% off special ends on Memorial Day – act now!
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Previous Offers:


WARNING….Vulnerable Post here…

It was about 5 years ago when I completely burnt out of my corporate job and made some MAJOR shifts in the direction my life was going.  I could no longer live the way I was, not tending to my health or the things I valued most in life, while giving my heart and soul to an organization that couldn’t give me back all the time I missed with my family while I was climbing that corporate ladder.

The truth is, I hid my deep inner problems under my professional success.  Problems that weren’t even completely in my awareness just yet, because being busy allowed me to avoid them for many years.

Its common for repressed issues to surface mid-life and I was no exception.  My secrets became conscious and I had no choice but to deal, heal, and get well.

It was then that I created a new and scary five year plan.  I was going to leave my safe and secure career which was my identity, take six months off to get healthy, then pursue my Masters in Counseling Psychology, then start my counseling and coaching practice, then have another baby and begin to truly live the life of my dreams.

As I reflect on 2017, I realized that my plan unfolded EXACTLY as I had envisioned.

That is the power of planning, intention and strategic action.

As I sit here today, I am so grateful to have my growing family, and get to provide for my family making an impact in the world that is meaningful to me.

And this has been such a game changer in my overall happiness which is why today I am offering an opportunity to help you put together a life plan that gets you the outcomes you so desire!

I am offering my VIP days at 50% off, now through the end of January…yes…you heard right!

This is a smashing deal that I am offering because I am passionate about helping people transform their lives, become the very best versions of themselves, reach long-lasting life-changing goals and create a life filled with meaning, purpose, love, and happiness.

Who are VIP days for??

Highly motivated people who want to kick start 2018 by creating a clear vision of what they want and are ready to take serious action to get there.  Folks who want something different in their personal and professional lives and want guidance to make it happen.  Leaders who are ready to maximize opportunities and grow their impact.  People who are ready to find love, get healthy, make more money and have a life that is fun and fulfilling.

Are you ready for a new life plan and to THRIVE in new and meaningful ways?

One that allows you to reach your full and unique potential?

Are you a working Mom struggling to juggle it all and want more fulfillment out of your life?

Are you ready to find love and improve your relationships/ ability to connect with others?

Are you ready to grow your business and elevate your leadership?

Are you ready to get healthy – mentally, emotionally and physically?

Perhaps you have your goals but need help getting started and following through.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the VIP day offer is for you.

What exactly are my VIP days?VIP days are 6 hour intensives with me that help you get clear and directed to achieve your biggest goals to date.  You will have one on one coaching that will include breakfast, goal and dream creation, strategic action planning to achieve goals along with timelines, lunch, guided visualization, summarizing and so much more. We will focus on removing the obstacles that have been getting in your way of having the life you want such as your inner negative voice, fear, unhealthy patterns, limiting beliefs, procrastination, relationship issues, confusion, lack of direction and focus, whatever it is.  You will leave with plans, commitments, connections, clear direction, inspiration and ongoing support.  Following the VIP day, you will get 2 coaching calls for follow up and accountability and have unlimited access to me via email for 90 days.

These can also be done remotely for those of you not living in Colorado!

We will customize the plan based on the outcomes you are wanting.

This is a game changer my friends!! 50% off a VIP day!  A $1600 value for only $799

What are you waiting for?

Grab this deal NOW by responding to this email, calling me at 720-341-1536 or clicking here.

What a few folks have said about working with me recently:

“Brooke has been an amazing guide in leading me to re-connect with my values and learn how to live a life more aligned with what means the most to me. She is helping me in the midst of a career change, to not only discover exactly what will bring me life, but also how to handle my fears in a healthy and effective way. She is extremely kind and knowledgeable, but also holds me accountable in my growth. I highly recommend her!”

“Working with Brooke Jean has created an immense amount of movement in my career!  She has been wonderful at helping me figure out a balance of motivation, structure, and patience.
During our time working together, I have been able to quickly develop the trust in her coaching and the process necessary to really push myself out of my comfort zone in order to achieve great results professionally.  Brooke Jean is professional, warm, genuine and invested in her clients reaching the goals they create for their lives!”

“Brooke of Brooke Jean Counseling and Coaching is the no bulls**t coach you have been looking for. Our small company needed an honest, outside opinion and Brooke delivered. She helped push us out of our comfort zones in the areas needed for the next level of growth. I highly recommend Brooke for any organization looking for professional guidance.”

“As a small business owner it is so nice to have someone to goal set with, hold you accountable, help you define ‘opportunities’ and problem solve them with a smart, savvy, knowledgeable coach.  I also hired Brooke for sales and culture training with my staff to help them see my businesses mission, goals, and vision moving forward and Brooke is someone everyone relates to which helps with sales, motivation and buy in from my team.”

“My business partner and I hired Brooke when we hit a plateau in our company. We had done all we knew how to do and we needed some outside help to continue to grow. Brooke isn’t just a business coach, she helped us work through growing pains while keeping the company moving forward. Polished. wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of Brooke Jean!”

“Brooke is such a fabulous individual and is great at what she does. She listens deeply to you and provides solutions that work for you. I can’t recommend her enough!”

You don’t want to miss this, I am offering this through the end of January.

50% off a VIP day!!!!  A $1600 value for only $799

  • 6 hours coaching
  • 2 hours of follow up coaching calls
  • Unlimited access to my tools and me via email
  • My support and commitment to your success

Payment plan available…

All the greats didn’t get where they wanted to go alone.

They hired a tribe to surround them, push them, see their greatness and support them in getting the results they wanted… myself included!!!

I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your success story!

P.S.  Its time to start investing in you and your future, don’t let fear or anything else talk you out of this opportunity.



As a woman, I wanted it all…a happy family, work I was passionate about, success, and a ton of FUN along the way. And while I am proud of what I have accomplished and built, it hasn’t always been easy. I remember being up against fear, guilt, insecurity, co-parenting/ single Mom challenges, logistics issues and so much more!

That’s exactly why I am hosting an online FREE interview series addressing these very topics and many more! I have reached out to Moms who have it all! Who are wildly successful professionally but VERY involved in their family life, and in their personal lives. They share their honest stories, tips, tricks, and ways of being that have helped them along the way. Their vulnerability will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to take the next step in building your life ON YOUR TERMS!

The interview series is called: Moms Living a Life They LOVE: How to have a Flourishing Family, a Fulfilling Career, and Fun in the process!

I have a free access pass for you to join and hear these experts’ (successful working Mommys) amazing stories about creating the life they always wanted and sharing the unique challenges they faced, and HOW they overcame those obstacles.

You can register using this link > http://mlaltl.com/

You can watch from home or on the go… You don’t want to miss it.

This is for women who are Moms who have a dream, an idea, a skill they want to share with the world but are wondering just how to get it out there, or how they will get through the fear, guilt, worry, etc.

This is also for women who are already in the working world but want to start or grow their family but are up against both internal and external blocks preventing them from moving forward.

This is for any woman who is thinking about their future and curious about what’s possible and how it might unfold.

These amazing women have come together to share WISDOM that can guide you in taking the next steps. You will gain insight, resources, and perhaps even the push you need to take action!

You can register using this link > http://mlaltl.com/

This is a great opportunity for anyone in my community who is a woman, a working professional, a Mom, or all of the above. (And of course, if you are a support partner for any of the above, you are welcome too!!)

I sure wish this was around when my journey began…

You can register for the Moms Living a Life They LOVE summit here > http://mlaltl.com/



Thank you to all who attended the first “Unlocking the keys to reaching YOUR potential workshop!”  It was an honor to be part of your journey and I can’t wait to see and hear about the amazing things you are doing on our closed Facebook Group “Manifesting Maniacs.”


“Brooke Jean is dynamic, strong, and insightful! She listens well, and facilitates well! I had some great takeaways and ah-ha moments during her workshop. She’s helping people find ways to help themselves.”

“Brooke’s workshop exceeded my expectations. In a safe, engaging environment, Brooke led us in exercises and discussion that re-connected me with my values, helped me to rediscover my gifts and clearly identify some of the ways I am holding myself back. I walked away with a sense of purpose again, excited to move forward on what I had learned and more confident than I had been in while. Brooke is a great listener, very insightful, and clearly passionate about helping others. I highly recommend her workshop!”

“Wow- talk about a life changer! Since I was a part of this workshop, I have experienced so many positive changes! It’s incredible how much a shift in your energy can transform every aspect of your life. Brooke is knowledgable, kind, and inspirational as a leader and I highly recommend this group to everyone I know.”


Thank you to all who attended the Learning to Love Yourself workshop.  Here is what a participant stated about their experience attending a Brooke Jean Counseling & Coaching work shop:

“Brooke Jean has a natural ability for helping people understand and channel their inner love for themselves. I attended her Learning to Love Yourself workshop and it was life changing. It helped me identify with areas where I needed to focus my energy on and it helped me realize where some of my insecurities were manifesting from. Brooke provided a warm and safe space for the group to organically explore.  What I love most about her workshops are that they are interactive without the pressure of feeling like you have to share.  She has a nice balance of information, exploration, and exercises. The time went so fast and we were all enjoying everything that Brooke was teaching us on. It was exactly what I needed in my life since I was having a hard time making difficult life decisions. I highly recommend attending her workshops, you won’t be disappointed.