Wellness Culture Consulting


Wellness Culture Consulting – its what makes THE difference.

In Denver’s business growth climate, it is more ESSENTIAL than ever to have a culture in your organization that attracts the best of the best talent, while creating a work environment that encourages growth, wellbeing, and peak performance to meet the companies vision. There are a lot of great ways do to this, but utilizing my background in counseling and psychology, as well as the tools I currently use in private practice, we can work together to bring something new, elevated, and modern to your wellbeing culture.

Ready to take wellness culture seriously, and to the next level?

Not have it be just a buzzword anymore?

Consulting Services

Develop a Custom Plan – talk to key stakeholders to establish culture goals, develop a plan, execute and deliver upon the plan. Ensure vision, mission and values are established and folks have roles and tools to do their jobs. Create strategies to enhance fun and wellbeing culture as part of the vision strategy.

Enhanced Wellbeing Focus on an already thriving culture: take what you have, and enhance it to the next level.

Trainings – Topics include:

  • Healthy Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Using Mindfulness to Manage Emotions (Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Burnout)
  • Core Energy Training – Raise consciousness to look, feel, and perform your best, while attracting the right employees, clients, partners and opportunities
  • From Gratitude to GREATNESS:  How to Transform your Energy to Feel Good & Do Good

Grief Support & Transition Management – Training on grief, loss and transition. Individual grief sessions and group sessions.

EAP Contract to offer mental health counseling sessions at an adjusted rate as part of total compensation package.

Brainspotting for upper management – 1:1 therapy that targets peak performance, this therapy is used with athletes and CEO’s.

Quarterly Team Chats to gather feedback and check team pulse, share feedback with management, and develop key strategies for improvement and evolution.

Here’s a Vlog I did on Wellness in the Workplace!

Here’s some Tips on how to have a People First Mentality!

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