Transition Coaching for Women

Coaching_for_WomenTransition Coaching for Women – its what I do and LOVE!

Are you living through a major life transition such as becoming a mama, getting a divorce, wanting to find your calling and shift careers, or getting sober?

Maybe you just found out you’re being laid off or that your partner has been cheating.  Or perhaps you are living through a collective or community crisis which has rocked your world.

Chaos precedes change.

Change is inevitable.

I have found that when we survive big moments in life, it becomes an opportunity to PIVOT.

Often, life transitions feel like crisis’ because being in the unknown has us feeling lost, and uncertain of all that we thought was true about ourselves and the world around us.

During times of transition, when our brains can’t predict and control future outcomes, BIG feelings of worry, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, insecurity, confusion and so many others tend to bubble up to the surface, leaving us feeling so uncomfortable that we tend to prematurely jump into something new.  Or old, unhealthy and familiar. (Hand raised over here for me!)

That is where transition coaching comes in.

I will guide you to take this messy and magical time to sloooooow down, pause, heal, and intentionally discover the most authentic you and to explore what is best for you going forward.

To shed the things that are no longer serving you, while building healthy mindful coping skills and putting your life in positive motion.

Transition Coaching is an investment in yourself!

Its an OPPORTUNITY to Heal, Become, and Align in such meaningful and magical ways.

Here is what you can expect working with me through this transformative program:

Month 1:  Coping Basics – learn the most effective coping skills for healing, slowing down, and accessing your inner guidance system, deepest wisdom, inner child and outer guidance.

This includes intentional breath work, guided meditations and visualizations, and specific journal prompts.

Here  we will dive into a current self-assessment to explore where you are in your transition, how it is impacting you, and what feelings are arising.

I’ll get to know you and how best we can make magic happen together.

Month 2/3:  The DEEP SEA DIVE – Here is where I think our work in this program is different than other coaching programs.

Having a background in counseling and psychology, I guide you to explore the deepest and sometimes darkest parts of yourself that tend to be triggered during times of change.

We’ll honor your history, all the things you have survived while I provide you the knowledge of HOW those experiences may be effecting you in the current moment.

From those experiences, you have developed beliefs about yourself and the world around you.  We will identify what those beliefs are and reprogram the ones that are holding you back from feeling and being your best.

I will teach you scientific based tools on how to reprogram your beliefs and thoughts and how to bring unconscious thoughts into your awareness.  This will include things like Mantras, Brainspotting, and Mindfulness based cognitive behavior therapy techniques such as reframing, defusion, and breath work.

We will explore what spirituality means to you and how to align for loving support, direction, and reflection during this process.

Month 4:  Who are you BE-coming?  In the final month you will have done some healing, soul searching, aligning, re-programing, de-cluttering to reconnect to the truest version of you and make life choices to create the life you have always dreamed of.

You will have made space for whats on the way and you will have taken the time to attune to your deepest desires and let them be your guide to happiness.

We will continue to strengthen your relationship with yourself through guided activities such as inner child work, a determine core values exercise, future self visualizations, vision boards and more.

This is where the fun, excitement and real pivot begins to unfold and take place.

We will work together to establish how to maintain all the gems you have gathered in this process while building a solid plan for whats to come.  For some this may be getting back out on the dating scene, or starting a business, or moving.  I will be there to guide you and remind you that you are oh so deserving of all the good that is coming your way.

So, are you ready to make some meaning out of this madness you are living in?

Are you ready to invest in yourself in this life-changing way?

I would be friggin’ honored to lead the way as this work LIGHTS ME THE F UP!!!

Sending BIG love to you no matter where you are…