What is coaching?

Coaching is an investment in yourself!  If you wanted to perfect your golf swing, learn to tap dance, hike Everest, whatever your goals are, you would hire a coach to guide you, support you, hold you accountable and have your back.

The same goes for your professional goals.

Are you wanting to become a better leader who inspires people to be and do their best?

Do you have a business idea but have no idea how to turn it into a successful and profitable business?

Would you benefit from learning to manage your mind, your time, your team and your values in a productive and intentional way?

Is it time to find your calling and make BIG SHIFTS in your life?

By leveraging what I learned offering leadership coaching, training and development in a corporate setting for over a decade, along with my experience with starting and growing small to medium sized businesses, we can work together to set specific and measurable goals, begin executing action items that move you forward, and hep you grow into the role you need to be in to make your wildest dreams come true.

I will help you unlock the psychological keys enabling you to reach your unique potential while putting effective strategies in place to help you reach your goals.  I have found that when folks cannot get where they want to go professionally they overlook the impact our inner world has on us.  Having a safe and supportive accountability partner will provide the forum you need to create a life of abundance.

You have gifts, talent and strengths that we will uncover and learn to lean in with in coaching sessions.  We will dig deep for the answers you hold as I believe you have wisdom that is waiting to be tapped into.  We will face your fears, your inner critic, any anxiety, failures and much more to get you back to who you are supposed to be.

As a coach, my style is to be honest, direct, compassionate, and fun.

After an initial free discovery call, I will customize a coaching plan for you and we’ll get right to work.  I recommend a minimum of three months of weekly coaching sessions (most can be via phone) to benefit from the services and do offer bundles of sessions.