My Reflections on 2016…

Many people have felt that 2016 was a really tough year. I can affirm that I certainly felt a great deal of grief and fear along with the rest of you. I sense lots of loss and worry about the future. But for me personally, I tend to see things […]

Everybody Has a Comeback Story 2

As I sat in my own workshop last week it dawned on me. I have been lucky enough to attract, hear about, learn from, be a part of and write my own COMEBACK STORY. As most of you know, I am a counselor and coach who specializes in life, love […]

Know When to Slow Down 1

The moment I had been waiting for for over three years had finally arrived. I had graduated from graduate school, launched my counseling and coaching private practice and been building it like crazy, and was still working for Studio 10 Interior Design as their Business Development Executive/ Client Relations/ HR/ […]

Healthy Ways to Be in Love Limbo 7

As you all know, I am passionate about helping people navigate the one constant in life…CHANGE! And being in transition we as a culture often force ourselves into the next step or fall back into old patterns because being in the unknown is very uncomfortable. When it comes to love […]

Are You in a Life, Love or Career Transitition? 1

    At multiple points throughout our lives, we will find ourselves in transition.  We have all heard the saying, “Change is inevitable” which is true and having a counseling coach help you navigate transition can be invaluable. Whether entering adulthood or mid-life, getting married or divorced, having children or grand […]

Living Your Purpose

I get asked quite often “What does living your purpose actually mean?” Without getting into too much detail, the best way I can describe it is by offering questions you can ask yourself.  What energizes, ignites, and excites you?  What wrongs are you wanting to make right in the world? […]