The Keys to Reaching your Potential

“The process of reaching your potential is intentionally showing up energetically in the world, knowing your gifts/ gems, owning your story, courageously telling your truth, and sharing all that love, light and wisdom with the world.” – ME, Brooke Jean Are you living the life of your dreams?  Are you […]

Being In Transition: Part II – Becoming

Welcome to Being in Transition – Part II – BECOMING…..which just so happens to be my favorite part of the transition process. My last blog, Being in Transition – Part I was all about the grieving process. Its important to process the feelings we have about what was and what […]

Being In Transition: Part I – Grief

Throughout our lifetimes, each of us will encounter many different love, life and career transitions. Whether it be transitioning from childhood into adolescence and adulthood, from college to career, from losing a job to getting a promotion, losing a parent to becoming one, or hitting the “mid-life crisis,” there are […]

Get Real, Get Clear, and Get Connected!!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had an awesome holiday and if you’re anything like me, you’re back into the grind of January. Today I wanted to share my 3-step process to crushing your goals, resolutions and intentions for the New Year. I love the energy around the new […]