Relief from Anxiety

relief_from_anxietyLiving with anxiety and ready for relief?

I see you, anxiety can at times be absolutely debilitating.

Although there are many causes of anxiety, I believe that a major cause is when we are living a life that is not authentic and true to who we are.

While we will work to help you cope and manage your anxiety, we will also begin to understand what the anxiety is trying to tell you.  Anxiety can be a sign that something is off in your overall balance, which can create new direction in your life.

Perhaps you have experienced some trauma that is stuck in your body and mind.  In this case, we can work to release that energy and begin to heal.  Perhaps you are in a relationship or job that is not fulfilling and adds an unmanageable weight to your shoulders; we can address those types of problems as well.

I balance the deeper work with ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), a mindfulness-based therapy, to provide relief from the symptoms, defuse from your internal dialogue, and reconnect you to your values.  We will also explore how being physically active can support your overall balance.

Brainspotting can also be helpful in gaining relief from anxiety, learn more here about how.

If you are being held back by your anxiety and would like to reach out to explore your options,

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