Lost in Grief? Here are 3 Ways to Grieve Consciosuly

This video shares tips to get through and survive grief by consciously dealing with it.

Grief can be such a complex, unpredictable, and exhausting experience. No two people will grieve the same, grief is NOT linear nor does it follow any kind of timeline.

BUT…if we take time to CONSCIOUSLY grieve, we can work our way through it, rather than burying it deep inside of us (which tends to bubble up in unconscious and unhelpful ways later on!)

So, regardless of what phase of grief you are, these tips will support you in surviving today’s wave.

If you have suffered a loss, I highly recommend working through the loss with a counselor. Learn more about how I help clients with bereavement here.

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Wishing you so much love, light and healing during these tough times.



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