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As a woman, I wanted it all…a happy family, work I was passionate about, success, and a ton of FUN along the way. And while I am proud of what I have accomplished and built, it hasn’t always been easy. I remember being up against fear, guilt, insecurity, co-parenting/ single Mom challenges, logistics issues and so much more!

That’s exactly why I am hosting an online FREE interview series addressing these very topics and many more! I have reached out to Moms who have it all! Who are wildly successful professionally but VERY involved in their family life, and in their personal lives. They share their honest stories, tips, tricks, and ways of being that have helped them along the way. Their vulnerability will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to take the next step in building your life ON YOUR TERMS!

The interview series is called: Moms Living a Life They LOVE: How to have a Flourishing Family, a Fulfilling Career, and Fun in the process!

I have a free access pass for you to join and hear these experts’ (successful working Mommys) amazing stories about creating the life they always wanted and sharing the unique challenges they faced, and HOW they overcame those obstacles.

You can register using this link >

You can watch from home or on the go… You don’t want to miss it.

This is for women who are Moms who have a dream, an idea, a skill they want to share with the world but are wondering just how to get it out there, or how they will get through the fear, guilt, worry, etc.

This is also for women who are already in the working world but want to start or grow their family but are up against both internal and external blocks preventing them from moving forward.

This is for any woman who is thinking about their future and curious about what’s possible and how it might unfold.

These amazing women have come together to share WISDOM that can guide you in taking the next steps. You will gain insight, resources, and perhaps even the push you need to take action!

You can register using this link >

This is a great opportunity for anyone in my community who is a woman, a working professional, a Mom, or all of the above. (And of course, if you are a support partner for any of the above, you are welcome too!!)

I sure wish this was around when my journey began…

You can register for the Moms Living a Life They LOVE summit here >

Brooke Jean, M.A.
Brooke Jean Counseling & Coaching, LLC.


Thank you to all who attending the first “Unlocking the keys to reaching YOUR potential workshop!”  It was an honor to be part of your journey and I can’t wait to see and hear about the amazing things you are doing on our closed Facebook Group “Manifesting Maniacs.”


“Brooke Jean is dynamic, strong, and insightful! She listens well, and facilitates well! I had some great takeaways and ah-ha moments during her workshop. She’s helping people find ways to help themselves.”

“Brooke’s workshop exceeded my expectations. In a safe, engaging environment, Brooke led us in exercises and discussion that re-connected me with my values, helped me to rediscover my gifts and clearly identify some of the ways I am holding myself back. I walked away with a sense of purpose again, excited to move forward on what I had learned and more confident than I had been in while. Brooke is a great listener, very insightful, and clearly passionate about helping others. I highly recommend her workshop!”

“Wow- talk about a life changer! Since I was a part of this workshop, I have experienced so many positive changes! It’s incredible how much a shift in your energy can transform every aspect of your life. Brooke is knowledgable, kind, and inspirational as a leader and I highly recommend this group to everyone I know.”


Thank you to all who attended the Learning to Love Yourself workshop.  Here is what a participant stated about their experience attending a Brooke Jean Counseling & Coaching work shop:

“Brooke Jean has a natural ability for helping people understand and channel their inner love for themselves. I attended her Learning to Love Yourself workshop and it was life changing. It helped me identify with areas where I needed to focus my energy on and it helped me realize where some of my insecurities were manifesting from. Brooke provided a warm and safe space for the group to organically explore.  What I love most about her workshops are that they are interactive without the pressure of feeling like you have to share.  She has a nice balance of information, exploration, and exercises. The time went so fast and we were all enjoying everything that Brooke was teaching us on. It was exactly what I needed in my life since I was having a hard time making difficult life decisions. I highly recommend attending her workshops, you won’t be disappointed.




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