Team Training & Consultation



Is your business growing and your team needs an inspirational boost to thrive in that new-found growth?

Do you have leaders who are new in role that would benefit from having a partner to help them adjust to their new role while building credibility with the team and delivering results?

Would your company benefit from having a healthy team culture?

Would you like to be a better boss, have stress management coping skills and an accountability partner to enhance your personal and professional development?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, bringing in outside support can support your team and business objectives in so many ways…yourself included.

Hiring a coach for yourself and for key folks on your team can help with effective goal setting while learning strategies for taking action to achieve those goals and, most importantly, removing energetic blocks getting in the way of ultimate success.  The process helps you become aware of how you are currently showing up in your position and in the workplace, to be able to make shifts to show up more intentionally.  This creates engagement, excitement, and purpose for key players on the team.

After an initial free consultation and based on what is needed, I create a proposed plan to potentially include:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Groups
  • Classroom Style Training

Perhaps your company is growing and you need some support around growth strategy, organizational development, and implementing a healthy team culture to ensure your team has the tools to succeed in this transition.  We can work together to customize a plan that gets your business and team where you want to go.


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