When is it a good time to work with a coach?

  • Desire to reach your ultimate and fullest unique potential while removing blocks
  • Benefit from an accountability partner to help you thrive both personally and professionally
  • Wanting professional growth to discover your authentic strengths, opportunities, blind spots, and professional presence
  • Wanting to live your purpose, connect to your deepest values
  • In a life, love or career transition
  • Goal/ Growth planning
  • Learn effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Recently promoted and taking on new responsibilities
  • An entrepreneur – starting your own business
  • Wanting to be a better boss/ leader
  • Relationship support
  • Looking for increased team morale in your workplace
  • Interested in aligning your professional life with your values to ensure long withstanding success
  • Create the life you have always dreamed of

By leveraging what I learned about coaching, leadership training and development in a corporate setting for a decade with my skills as a professional counselor, we can unlock the psychological keys enabling you to reach your unique potential while putting effective strategies in place to help you reach your goals.  I have found that when folks cannot get where they want to go professionally they overlook the impact our inner world has on us.  Having a safe and supportive accountability partner will provide the forum you need to create a life of abundance.

Our personal and professional lives are interrelated, so often when working toward professional goals, personal matters surface such as how we truly feel about ourselves, fear we have, old tapes and rules we still believe in and much more.  By balancing effective goal setting and accountability with addressing what you’re potentially holding onto that’s holding you back, whether it be consciously or unconsciously, you can clear the path to reaching your potential.

You have gifts, talent and strengths that we will uncover and learn to lean in with in coaching sessions.  We will dig deep for the answers you hold as I believe you have wisdom that is waiting to be tapped into.  We will face your fears, your inner critic, any anxiety, failures and much more to get you back to who you are supposed to be.

As a coach, my style is to be honest, direct, compassionate, and fun.

After an initial free discovery call, I will customize a coaching plan for you and we’ll get right to work.  I recommend a minimum of three months of weekly coaching sessions (most can be via phone) to benefit from the services and do offer bundles of sessions.