At multiple points throughout our lives, we will find ourselves in transition.  We have all heard the saying, “Change is inevitable” which is true and having a counseling coach help you navigate transition can be invaluable.

Whether entering adulthood or mid-life, getting married or divorced, having children or grand children, or changing/ growing careers, we often brush over what was looking ahead at what’s to come.  It’s important during the process of change to honor the part of you and your life that was and to allow for some reflection and healing before moving forward.

During the transition you may experience many emotions such as fear, worry, excitement, sadness and guess what…that’s normal and to be expected.  It becomes a problem when we rush this period because the feelings are uncomfortable.  The in-between, unknown, grey ambiguous landscape is scary and sometimes we don’t know yet what our new normal will be.  But what is also true is that during this time we can either open ourselves up to new possibilities, ones that are authentic and exhilarating, or we can close down and block what’s truly in store for us.

So what are some things we can do to remain open and cope with change and transition?

It starts with becoming aware and giving yourself permission to FEEL!  It’s OK to be sad that you are no longer an only child, a single man, or in a specific position at work.  It’s OK to be scared about your new responsibilities and yet the only way forward is THROUGH the feelings.  Allow yourself to grieve what was, it certainly does not mean you are not excited or grateful for what’s ahead.  Try to allow as much time as possible to be in the unknown and engage in your favorite play, create quite time, journal, surround yourself with supporters – keep the channels open to receive new possibilities.

It’s often during our darkest night that the answer comes to us.  Just as we are about to give in and give up we see the forest through the trees.  During stillness we can learn to listen to our intuition and reconnect to our deepest values.  These are tools you will want in your new endeavors – whether it be new life stage, new relationship, or new career.

Counseling & Coaching provides the space to heal, feel, and cope with change.  It can support you in getting back to who you are meant to be and to become the best you yet.  By clearing our emotional vessels we create more space for our future and build upon our experiences to evolve in new and meaningful ways.

Cheers to change!

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